Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will I have to change my business processes to use COLTS?

Answer: Generally no. Even though the features of COLTS are tightly integrated, COLTS is designed to adapt to your workflow. COLTS is also fully tailorable -- you decide which features you need. You can even control what each team member sees and what functions they can perform.

Question: Do end users need to install special software to run COLTS?

Answer: No. COLTS is a standard web application that uses HTML and JavaScript and is compatible with popular browsers. It can even be accessed from smart phones and tablets.

Question: Can COLTS be used by US Government organizations?

Answer: COLTS is currently used by several US Government organizations around the world. It is authorized to run behind the .mil firewall on US Government servers. It is also operational on AWS GovCloud. COLTS interfaces with DoD systems via DLMS X12 and XML. COLTS has received the following approvals:

  • Navy NMCI – server qualified
  • Department of the Navy Application and Database Management System (DADMS)
  • Approved Department of Navy application listed in DITPR – DON
  • Certificate of Networthiness – U.S. Army 9th Signal Command
  • Fortify on Demand 5 Star security rating, no DISA STIG vulnerabilities
  • Section 508 compliant -- contact us to request a copy of the COLTS VPAT

Question: What advantages does COLTS offer over standard US military logistics applications?

COLTS is a program management tool, developed in conjunction with DoD and commercial program management teams.

Answer for Full Asset Visibility and Accountability

Unlike most US military logistics applications, COLTS offers both property accountability and full asset visibility. COLTS maintains a complete history for each serialized asset throughout its life cycle, even when installed as a component in an end item. End item configurations are maintained as top-down breakdown structures, with a complete history of configuration changes. Operational metrics are also maintained to drive COLTS automatic scheduled and condition-based maintenance feature.

Answer for Contractor and Performance Based Logistic Support

COLTS is also designed to support PBL and CLS programs by granting both government and contractors access to the same COLTS instance. Contractors are granted limited access to record supply and maintenance activities directly in COLTS, where both government and contractors can instantly access critical information, such as government and contractor supplied material status, readiness, and maintenance status. This approach substantially reduces the requirement for contractor-generated reports and audits of contractor-operated applications, and helps to avoid duplication and potential inconsistencies that arise from separate government and contractor systems.