Maintenance work orders interact with most of the major functional areas of COLTS:

  • Document both planned and unplanned maintenance
  • Draw on inventory for repair parts
  • Apply equipment modifications
  • Correct defects reported by operational maintenance alerts
  • Submit RMA requests
  • Perform asset configuration changes
  • Record asset maintenance history
  • Record operational metrics
  • Incorporate task lists, time and material requirements from maintenance plans

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Depicts the functions related to the Maintenance feature, which are described in detail on this page.

Work Orders

Work Order Details

  • Open work order by quickly looking up or scanning barcode of item under repair
  • Request and receive parts from inventory
  • Document maintenance actions using the customizable actions library
  • Perform quality assurance to ensure integrity of repair operations
  • Automatically capture Repair Time, Turnaround Time, Logistic Delay Time, Q/A Delay Time, Adminstrative Delay Time, and personnel hours
  • Create a parent/child work order tree for component repairs

Asset Configurations

  • Modify asset configurations directly from work orders
  • Capture configuration change history automatically
  • Scan equipment on/off configurations using UIDs

Asset History

  • Troubleshooting, failures, calibrations, repairs, quality assurance, and more
  • Configuration changes
  • Inventory usage and consumption
  • Equipment status changes
  • Failure trend analysis

Return Mechandise Authorizations (RMAs)

  • Request and approve RMAs directly from original corrective work order
  • Replacement automatically shipped upon approval
  • Link between original corrective work order and return work order


  • Direct link between maintenance and inventory
  • Supply personnel can see material requests, check availability and issue parts
  • Authorized techs can requisition material, issue parts directly to work order

Operational Log

  • Record operational metrics on item under repair and components

Maintenance Plans

Planned Maintenance

  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Calendar-based maintenance
  • Automatic scheduling of maintenance work orders
  • Maintenance task library includes task time and material requirements

Corrective Maintenance

  • Design corrective maintenance plans including tasks and material requirements
  • Link work orders to corrective plans to automatically populate task, time, and material requirements


Modification Management

  • Identify and describe each modification
  • Select assets requiring modification
  • See modification time/date completion for each asset
  • Track completion progress for modification
Modifications in Work Orders
  • Modification requirement alert when work order opened
  • See modification details
  • Record modification completion

Return Mechandise Authorizations (RMAs)

  • RMA request and approval cycle
  • Replacement item shipped automatically upon RMA approval
  • Returned item work order
  • Comprehensive RMA status of original request, return, replacement, and repair
  • Track return and replacement shipments
  • Estimated and actual repair cost approval cycles